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TCSD Public Bid Information

Sale of Surplus Apple Devices/Equipment

TCSD will be accepting sealed or electronic bids for the sale of Apple Devices/Equipment.  Bids will be received at the Superintendent's Office or electronically  no later than Thursday, May 9, 2024 @ 1:00 p.m.

All bid information may be obtained at

Questions Received About the Apple Devices RFP:

  1. Will the devices have any asset management software removed prior to pick up (Deprovisioned, JAMF, Apple School Manager etc.)
    A: iPads will be removed/released from our MDM and Apple School Manager
  2. Are there images or video of the devices?
    A: No images or videos are available but we encourage a site visit. 
  3. Are any of the device under apple care warranty? 
    A: No Apple Care Warranty still remains on any device.
  4. Are the devices located in one location?
    A: All devices will be picked up in one location:

    1419 Hwy 25
    Tishomingo, MS 38873

  5. Are you open to a graded (A-F) offer structure, or is "As-Is" the only acceptable form of offer? I understand that the devices are open to inspection, but do you have any sample photos for "good, used" and "cracked" conditions (should we not be able to schedule a visit)? Do the devices have any asset tags or stickers on them? If there are any devices with hardware defects, will these be culled from the lot?  Do you have a list of serial numbers that we could have access to? This would be helpful to verify exact models and quantities to allow us to provide a more accurate offer.
    A: We are selling the devices as is. I do not have a list of serial numbers to provide at this time but they will be provided later to the winning bidder if needed. I listed the exact make/model and quantities in the RFP. The number of cracked devices are listed in the RFP and can range from a tiny crack in the corner to a crack all across to multiple cracks. Seeing in person is the only guarantee to know what you are bidding on. All asset stickers have been removed from the devices.
  6. Will these devices have any asset tags, metallic tags, tamperproof tags, or stickers of any kind on them?
    A: All devices will have their asset tags removed. There are a few with engravings on them - refer to RFP for details. 
  7. Will these devices have any iCloud or any locks on them (DEP)?
    A: All devices will be removed from our MDM and wiped clean. 
  8. How would the school like to receive payment from the winning bidder? Wire Transfer, Money Order, etc...
    A: The RFP states: "All bids shall be accompanied by a cashier's check, certified check, bid bond or irrevocable letter of credit in the amount of Five Percent (5%) of the total amount of the bid, as security to ensure performance in the event such bid is accepted as the highest or best bid. In the event that such bid is not selected as the highest or best bid, the District shall return such security to the Bidder. If a bid is selected as the highest or best bid and the Bidder fails to perform, such security shall be retained as liquidated damages."
  9. When will the payment deadline be?
    A: Payment in full must be received by pickup date, the latest being June 20, 2024. Forms of payment accepted are cashier's check or certified check.
  10. Will a Certificate of Insurance and/or R2 Certificate need to be submitted with the bid?
    A: No