5th & 6th Grade Resources


5th Grade Science Resources - Weather Channel

Multi-Subject Resources:

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  • SERP- Algebra & Math by Example (6th Grade) 

    Students analyze and explain correctly and incorrectly worked examples targeting common errors in math and then work on similar problems on their own.

  • SERP- Math Posters (6th Grade) 
    Students work on complex, open-ended problems that encourage creating and comparing multiple representations. 
  • SERP- Social Studies Generation (6th Grade) 
    Social Studies Generation (SoGen) is comprised of three six-week sequences around topics commonly included in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade social studies content standards. These curricular materials can be used in place of the standard curriculum materials, or as a supplement. They provide opportunities to read, write, discuss, and build arguments about central concepts in social studies. 

Reading & eBooks:

  • SERP- Literacy for Secondary Students (6th Grade)

    Word Generation emphasizes 21st century learning goals, such as using academic language, developing an argument, reasoning analytically, reading to find evidence, reviewing data, discussing various perspectives, engaging in debate, and expressing well-reasoned positions in writing. 

  • MackinVIA (Use login information: Iuka Middle School, Username & Password: IukaMS)
  • Sign up for TED-Ed@Home to get a handful of engaging videos with accompanying lessons (organized by age group) delivered to your inbox daily. Learn more and subscribe at: ed.ted.com/dailynewsletter  
  • Storyline Online
  • Audible Offers Hundreds of Free Audiobooks for Kids and Teens, No Login Required
  • 25 Ways Kids Can Read for Free
  • An online environment where children can meet their favorite book characters, write stories, and hang out with other readers in a safe, moderated space.