District » Tishomingo County School District Makes the Grade

Tishomingo County School District Makes the Grade

TCSD Receive Grade A TCSD Receive Grade A
Tishomingo County School District has received one of the state’s highest honors by earning its
first-ever “A” rating under Mississippi’s Accountability System. Districts and schools receive
ratings from A through F each year based upon student performance on Mississippi’s state
assessment (MAAP) and other factors including graduation rate, ACT performance, and
acceleration courses. Iuka Elementary received an “A” ranking as well for its performance.
Belmont, Burnsville, Iuka Middle, TCHS, and Tishomingo all received “B” rankings, the second
highest level of performance.

“This is such a great honor for our students, teachers, staff, administrators, Board members,
parents, and communities. I cannot speak enough about the hard work that goes on each day
in our district. We understand in our district that our students are much more than a test
score, and we strive each day to make excellence happen for our students. The honor of
earning an “A” rating helps us validate that process of focused instruction for our students,”
stated Superintendent Christie Holly. “When our schools achieve, it’s a great asset for our
communities’ and county’s economic development. Having strong schools is the backbone of
communities. We know we have great schools, and we are so thankful to have strong
communities that support us.”

Faculty and staff celebrated the “A” ranking on Wednesday, October 10th, with a meal and
celebratory meeting. Each employee in the district received a t-shirt with the slogan “TCSD-
Making “A” Difference – 2018.” Tri-State Educational Foundation graciously sponsored the
shirts for staff. The TCHS Bravada also presented a set from their upcoming musical “Back to
the 80’s” for staff.

Student celebrations will be next. Administrators and staff are planning those celebrations
soon. “We want to make sure our students get to celebrate this accomplishment. So we hope
to surprise them soon with some fun activities,” stated Mrs. Holly. “Our motto in our district is
‘Together we Can Succeed,’ and I am very proud to say that we try to work together with our
parents and communities to give the best to our students. We want to ensure excellence for
them so they can be successful citizens in the future.”