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Technology Spotlight!


QR codes in with an idiom activity in Ms. Brown's class at Iuka Middle School had kids up and moving all over the classroom!

QR Codes in the Classroom QR Codes in the Classroom QR Codes in the Classroom QR Codes in the Classroom

Students in Ms. Haley Brown's 6th grade ELA class use current music, QR codes, iPhones, and iPads to study idioms. The QR codes were placed all over the room, so they used the whole room. They are enjoying their flexible seating as well.


Interactive Digital Stories in Mrs. Eva Kirk's Belmont Middle 7th ELA Class!

At Belmont Middle School, Mrs. Eva Kirk’s 7th grade ELA students recently created Interactive Digital Stories through the Google site titled, “Applied Digital Skills.” Collaborative groups not only included the elements of narrative writing in their “If-Then” presentations, but they also made use of technology tools available in Google Slides that allowed the reader to make interactive choices throughout the plot. These 7th graders are grateful that iPads have been provided for their daily use and look forward to more exploration in the digital world!
Check out this awesome resource in your classroom!

Iuka Elementary Kindergarten Teacher Kristi Lovelace involves her students & parents through the use of technology in her classroom!

Shutterfly Classroom Share sites are free private websites that let parents and teachers easily share photos and videos to stay connected to the classroom. Mrs. Kristui uses this in her kindergarten classroom to allow her students' families a daily bird's eye view into her classroom. She can update any information she need to tell parents, post pictures of their day to day activities,  post links of extra reinforcement activities that would be good for her students, and even have the opportunity to post sign up sheets. Her parents have really embraced her share site and it provides a constant form of communication from school to home. One Parent Said: "I love the Shutterfly app! I get on there at least once a day to keep up with what is going on. As a preschool teacher myself, I feel you are going over and beyond as a kindergarten teacher and I can tell that you are concerned about letting your parents know what is going on in your classroom. I love that we can reply and that we are able to post pictures on there as well. All you need to know is on here down to volunteering and teacher/parent conferences".
Keeping students engaged during learning activities can be a challenge. In some cases, students have not developed the stamina to stick with a paper-and-pencil activity, and sometimes they simply do not have the skills to complete a task in the same way as their peers. Introducing technology can turn a classroom around - from improving student engagement to making tasks accessible to ALL learners, the benefits are clear.

What is SeeSaw? Quite simply, Seesaw is a learning journal perfect for all students from kindergarten through high school. Kristi has this to say about SeeSaw: "For me, it is an organized digital record of my students' learning. I use it as a tool for collecting evidence of the learning that occurs in my classroom, and to reduce the need for piles of paper to document this evidence. Others use the app in a more social way, allowing students to interact with each other's work in a format very similar to Facebook - allowing likes and comments on posts. Even parents can be given access to their child's account, receiving notifications every time their child posts a new item, or your class can create a public blog for sharing what they do in class with the world!"