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Belmont Middle School Recognizes Kick Butts Day

April 6, 2017

On March 30th, Belmont School recognized Kick Butts Day, an annual celebration of youth leadership and activism in the fight against tobacco use. This year, Belmont High School’s Tobacco Free Coalition Team (FREE) joined forces with the Lady Cardinals basketball team to educate middle school students on the effects of tobacco use. Members of the FREE team informed students of the harmful effects that tobacco has on the body. Students learned that tobacco is an addictive substance that damages your lungs and causes harm to your mouth.

After informing students on the negative impact of tobacco, FREE team members presented an activity to help students make the decision to say NO to tobacco products. The team coordinated a friendly competition between the Lady Cardinals basketball team and the Middle School teachers. The players and teachers competed to answer questions on the harmful effects of tobacco. When a competitor answered correctly, he/she received a point and an opportunity to shoot a free throw to earn more points for his/her team. Several students in grades fifth through eighth were selected to participate on the teams. The audience cheered for the teams as they answered each question. After ten minutes of competition, the Middle School teachers defeated the Lady Cardinals basketball team by three points.

The event was coordinated by Belmont’s school nurse, Melody Harris. Nurse Melody and the FREE team members work diligently each year to plan events to encourage youth in their school to fight the influence of alcohol, drug, and tobacco use. The FREE team was excited about the success of the event and are already planning for next year’s Kick Butts Day.

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“Read Across America – A Celebration of Dr. Seuss”

March 24, 2017

During the week of February 27th through March 3rd, Belmont School celebrated “Read Across America.” This nationwide educational event is held annually in honor of world-renowned children’s author Dr. Seuss in conjunction with his birthday, March 2nd. Belmont students dressed up each day of the week to honor a different book by Dr. Seuss. On Monday, the students wore crazy socks to recognize Fox in Socks. Mustaches adorned the halls of the buildings on Tuesday in honor of The Lorax. On Wednesday, students dressed in “Wacky Wear” to celebrate the book Wacky Wednesday. Thursday was designated “Green Day” as the students celebrated Green Eggs and Ham by wearing green and enjoying a fantastic meal of green eggs and ham prepared by the cafeteria staffs for lunch. On Friday, students wore their favorite hats to acknowledge The Cat in the Hat.

Throughout the week, the students of the elementary building enjoyed signs prepared by the Belmont High School Cheerleaders featuring famous Dr. Seuss quotes. In addition, during the week-long event, several high school English students read the honored book of the day to the elementary students. Several grades also paid homage to Dr. Seuss’s book Bartholomew and the Oobleck during the week by reading the story and creating their own oobleck.

Friday was packed with culminating events for the week. During the morning, the 4th graders acted our several Dr. Seuss stories for the younger students. The celebration concluded with a parade to honor Dr. Seuss that afternoon. Belmont Elementary Principal Mrs. Katie Crane served as Grand Marshal as she drove her prisoner Officer Donovan Cain through the parade. She was followed by the Belmont High School Cheerleaders and Cardinal Marching Band as they cheered and played. Finally, riding on a fire truck and blowing bubbles, The Cat in the Hat, Thing 1, and Thing 2 arrived to the excited chants of the students.

4th grade teacher Mrs. Sheree Randolph and Kindergarten teacher Samantha Wright, coordinators of this event, would like to thank the following for all of the hard work and support throughout the week: Mr. Van Roberts, Mrs. Katie Crane, Mr. Jody McClung, Officer Donovan Cain, Mr. Rick Murrell, Mrs. Adrain Lynch, Mrs. Camille Stanfield, Mrs. Debra Newell, Mrs. Kristen Zemek, the BHS and BMS cafeteria staffs, the Belmont Fire Department, the BHS Cheerleaders and Cardinal Marching Band members, and all elementary teachers and staff. As Dr. Seuss once stated, “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” Much fun was held by all, and many memories were made throughout the week!

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Student Handbook Revisions (2/17/17)

Student Handbook Revisions (2/13/17)

TCHS Show Choir Presents: A Trip Down Broadway

February 16, 2017

The TCHS Show Choir, Brave Voices, would like to announce their first public performances of the year, A TRIP DOWN BROADWAY. The first show will be Sunday afternoon, February 26th at 2:30 p.m. They will give a repeat performance on Monday evening, February 27th at 7:00 p.m. Both shows will be given at the Tishomingo County High School auditorium. The members of the show choir will be featured in solos, ensembles, and full choir songs from over ten different Broadway musicals. The audience will be entertained by hits from musicals such as Hairspray, Rock of Ages, the Wiz, and Wicked. Doors will open thirty minutes prior to each performance, and will close once the show begins, so arrive early. Admission for each concert will be $5 for adults and $3 for students. Don’t miss out on A TRIP DOWN BROADWAY!

Superintendent Student Advisory Council Enjoys Christmas Meal

December 15, 2016

IES Students Participate in Hour of Code Week

December 12, 2016


December 5th-11th is National Computer Science Education Week and students in Mrs.Rogers Computer Class at IES participated in this event.

The Hour of Code is a global movement by Computer Science Education Week and reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries through a one-hour introduction to computer science and computer programming. In conjunction with this event, students from TCCTC, robotics class along with their instructor Tiffany Lowrey came and demonstrated robotics to the 3rd & 4th grade classes. TCCTC Robotics students used kits to build robots and iPads and other electronic devices to program them.

Students used computer coding to control the robots, programming them to perform certain tasks and make certain movements.

IES students were excited to see the robots come to life,and they were introduced to their new robot Edison. IES students will be coding and programming Edison in computer class by using problem solving, creative thinking and logic all while exploring computer science in a fun educational way preparing them for the future.

Do your Hour of Code™ today! Join us for an #hourofcode and see what’s possible @ You too can learn how to code and fuel your passion to create amazing things.

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Demo Day Presented by Physical Science Students at NEMCC

Burnsville fourth and fifth grade students were treated to a “Demo Day” that was hosted by the Physical Science students of Mr. Jon Messer from Northeast Mississippi Community College. The students were allowed to participate in demonstrations of Physical Science topics such as sound, forces and motion, and electricity.



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Belmont 4th Graders Study the Election Process

November 14, 2016


The 4th graders at Belmont School recently concluded a unit centered around the current United States Presidential Election. Mr. Ron Deaton and Mrs. Donna Dill introduced the students to “The Road to the White House” by demonstrating the method of voting by machine, which our county uses, during the beginning of the unit two weeks ago. The 4th graders then participated in their own class election the following week. Every 4th grade student wrote their own campaign speeches and presented them to their reading classes. After the speeches were presented, thirteen students were nominated by the teachers based on their written speeches and oral presentations. These student candidates were then assigned campaign teams who aided them in creating a political format for their speech, creating a slogan, and making posters for their campaign. They even made their own videos incorporating political terms using a format of video creation familiar to the students, Flocabulary. Following the creation of their campaign, the students then practiced their speeches and eventually presented their completed speeches to the entire Belmont Elementary student body on Monday, November 7th. On Tuesday, November 8th, coinciding with the United States Presidential Election, all elementary students voted at mock poll booths in the 4th grade hallway created by the 4th grade teachers. 4th grade student Mr. Bricen Dees was elected as the 4th grade president. On Friday, November 11th, Mr. Bricen Dees gave his acceptance speech at his Inaugural Celebration. Throughout the campaigns and voting process, the 4th grade students decorated the halls in an effort to persuade students to vote for their own team’s candidates. This two week study of “The Road to the White House” was a success, and the 4th grade students enjoyed being a part of the democratic process. The 4th grade teachers at Belmont Elementary School are Mrs. Susan Caldwell, Mrs. Melissa Graham, Mrs. Stephanie Humphries, and Mrs. Sheree Randolph.

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Pick Your CANdidate Can Food Drive

November 9, 2016

The Lady Cardinals Basketball Team partnered with Woodmen Life to sponsor a Pick Your CANdidate can food drive on Thursday, November 3. The students of Belmont Schools had the opportunity to participate in a mock election by donating can food items. Students were allowed to cast their vote for the presidential candidate of their choice by placing their can foods in the bin of Mr. Donald Trump or Mrs. Hillary Clinton. The can food drive was a huge success due to the tremendous participation of the students in Belmont Schools. The students generously donated 2,160 cans of food weighing approximately 2,247 pounds. The winner of the election was Republican candidate, Mr. Donald Trump. Mr. Trump won by an overwhelming margin of 2,055 votes of can foods to the 105 votes of can foods received for Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

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Belmont Students Participate In “Promote the Vote” Mock Election

October 31, 2016

Mr. Davy Ginn’s 7th and 8th grade social studies classes voted in the state-sponsored “Promote the Vote” Mock Election. Delbert Hosemann, Mississippi Secretary of State, and his office sponsored and promoted this mock election by supplying the printable ballot form to schools statewide to encourage students to learn early about the importance of each person’s vote.

belmontpromotethevote3   belmontpromotethevote3

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Jackson Generals’ Mascot Scout & Nick Mongelli Visit Burnsville School

October 31, 2016

Jackson Generals’ mascot Scout & Nick Mongelli visit Burnsville School to promote healthy choices & anti-bullying.


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Belmont Juniors Tour Tiffin Motorhomes

October 27, 2016

belmontjuniorstiffins1   belmontjuniorstiffins2

The Junior Class of Belmont High participated in an industry tour through Tiffin’s Motorhomes on Thursday, October 20th. The students were allowed to observe the Allegro Bus manufacturing process from the beginning to the end. The students were given safety glasses as well as headphones to enable them to hear the tour guide throughout the plant. The kids really enjoyed seeing the process from the component parts to the finished bus, which they were allowed to walk through at the end. It was great for the students to see up close and first hand the types of jobs Tiffin’s offers, and the working conditions of each job. The staff at Tiffin’s was more than accommodating for the group. Belmont High School would like to thank each of the tour guides, as well as any staff and workers that made the tour possible.

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Burnsville Students Learn Coding With Dash & Dot Robots

October 27, 2016

img_6475   img_6476

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County Teachers of the Gifted Attend MAGC in Pearl, MS

October 14, 2016


Teachers of the gifted recently attended the annual conference for the Mississippi Association for Gifted Children (MAGC) in Pearl, MS. The conference was held in the Clyde Muse Center on the campus of Hinds Community College. Teachers attended workshops on topics relevant to gifted education such as the use of various technology in the classroom, incorporation of the arts, and critical thinking. Those in attendance were Debra Wheeler (Burnsville), Brenda Horn (Belmont), Lisa Hardin (Tishomingo), Melissa Henderson (Iuka Elementary), and Brittany Osborn (Iuka Middle). These teachers were able to attend the conference thanks to a grant provided by the Tri-State Education Foundation.

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Career & Technical Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 1

Belmont 4th Graders Participate in Auction

October 12, 2016

Fourth grade students at Belmont Elementary participated in an auction on Friday, October 7th. Fourth grade students are awarded with play money throughout each 9 weeks as an incentive for good grades, polite manners, participation in class, and various other reasons to be rewarded. After each 9 weeks, they are rewarded with an auction, so they can spend their play money earned. All items auctioned off were donated by teachers, parents, and other community members. Mr. Chris Elliott, son of Mrs. Stephanie Elliott, was the auctioneer for the afternoon. A special thank you to Chris and all the community members that donated items to auction. The students enjoyed it and were excited to be rewarded for their good behavior and hard work.



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TCSD Closed for Columbus Day

This is a reminder that Tishomingo County Schools will be closed on Monday, October 10th, 2016 in observance of Columbus Day. Classes will resume at normal operating hours on Tuesday, October 11th.

Also, Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on each campus on Thursday, October 13th from 3:30pm until 7:00pm.

Annie! The Musical Presented by TCHS Bravada

Tishomingo Elementary Student Wins Honorable Mention in National Music K-8 Magazine Cover Contest

October 5, 2016

IMS 6th Graders Learn About Digital Citizenship

September 28, 2016

digitalcitizenship2   digitalcitizenship1

Technology provides our students with a unique and individualized learning experience everyday. The increase of technology in the classroom also increases the need for our students to be responsible digital citizens. Digital Citizenship focuses on using technology in an appropriate way while enjoying its vast capabilities and becoming more productive. Throughout the 2016-2017 school year each student K-12 will complete four classes on becoming a good digital citizen. These classes will focus on cyberbullying, digital footprints and internet safety.

Pictured are 6th grade students at Iuka Middle school watching a video on cyberbullying and completing a group activity on online behaviors. This lesson analyzed different online bullying behaviors, various ways students are cyberbullied and helped offer solutions to students.

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August Perfect Attendance

September 28, 2016

augustperfectattendance1   augustperfectattendance2

augustperfectattendance3   augustperfectattendance4

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Mrs. Candace Mahan’s A & P Class Extra Credit at BHS

September 28, 2016

Tishomingo Wears Blue to Support Mrs. Linda McClung

September 26, 2016


On September 13, faculty, staff and students at Tishomingo Elementary wore blue to support Mrs. Linda McClung in her fight against colon cancer. Mrs. Linda is the cafeteria cashier and always has a smile on her face and a kind word for every student. We’re with you Mrs. Linda, fight on!!!

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Teachers Receive HoverCam Document Cameras

September 15, 2016

Tishomingo County School District has appropriated Federal Funding to purchase thirty-two HoverCam Solo 8 USB Document Cameras. To distribute the HoverCams, the Technology Department held an after-school training session at their office in Tishomingo, MS. Teachers were given their device and instructed on how to setup and install it in their classroom. This device serves as a document camera, scanner, video recorder and digital camera. The HoverCam will be paired with a projector screen and Apple iMac computer already in teacher classrooms. The district’s goal in purchasing these devices is to give teachers the tools they need to help ensure all students become College and Career ready.

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Belmont Elementary Studies Olympics

August 29, 2016


The 2nd grade at Belmont School recently participated in a unit of study based on the Olympics. The students then played games simulating real Olympic events such as the shot put while using cotton balls. Pictured are the gold, silver, and bronze winners.

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Burnsville 3rd & 4th Grade Students Enjoy New Playground

August 16, 2016

image3    image1

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