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Healthy WELLthy Challenge

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Healthy WELLthy Challenge…challenging you to be the best you can be, starting now!

You can manipulate this challenge to meet your specific needs and the dates as well. I challenge you all to do this Healthy Challenge with your staff and students from Nov 30th – January 15th. All health information, if obtained, should be confidential as well.

You can manipulate this challenge to fit the needs of your classroom or school. This is a very general challenge in that it fits every age level. On our challenge, at the wellness center, we are using the dates Nov 23rd – January 8th. You can change those dates to start Nov 30th – January 15th. You can do a interdepartmental challenge. This has so many options that can be designed around your classroom and environment. This challenge also has a donation criteria that if the points aren’t earned the participant pays $20 to the charity of your choice. We selected Boys & Girls Club or Friends of Tishomingo State Park. Again, you can choose that option and charity as well.

October 30, 2015


October 16, 2015

“The ultimate go to snack bar..packed with high-energy nutrient dense foods to keep those snack attacks at bay! Cut into bars after the dish cools and store in the fridge for the quick go to snack. I pair mine with yogurt or a piece of fruit and pack in my “snack bag” so I won’t cave into the “not so healthy” indulgences! I cut my bars into 16 bars and a good calorie range for snack options is 100-200 calories. The nutrition calculation is tabulated from 8 servings per 8×8 dish. ENJOY!!

Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Bars

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