• DeMarco Fomby Presents Distracted Driving Program to BHS Students Before Prom

  • TCCTC Tour Guides for Annual 8th Grade Tours

  • TCHS Band Receives Superior Ratings & Sweepstakes Award at the MHSAA Evaluations

  • Lady Cardinals Travel to Clinton to Support BHS Student in North vs. South All Star Game

  • Iuka Middle School Hall of Fame

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Belmont Student Awarded Special Olympics Athlete of the Year for North Mississippi Area 11

April 18, 2017

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Belmont Middle School Recognizes Kick Butts Day

April 6, 2017

On March 30th, Belmont School recognized Kick Butts Day, an annual celebration of youth leadership and activism in the fight against tobacco use. This year, Belmont High School’s Tobacco Free Coalition Team (FREE) joined forces with the Lady Cardinals basketball team to educate middle school students on the effects of tobacco use. Members of the FREE team informed students of the harmful effects that tobacco has on the body. Students learned that tobacco is an addictive substance that damages your lungs and causes harm to your mouth.

After informing students on the negative impact of tobacco, FREE team members presented an activity to help students make the decision to say NO to tobacco products. The team coordinated a friendly competition between the Lady Cardinals basketball team and the Middle School teachers. The players and teachers competed to answer questions on the harmful effects of tobacco. When a competitor answered correctly, he/she received a point and an opportunity to shoot a free throw to earn more points for his/her team. Several students in grades fifth through eighth were selected to participate on the teams. The audience cheered for the teams as they answered each question. After ten minutes of competition, the Middle School teachers defeated the Lady Cardinals basketball team by three points.

The event was coordinated by Belmont’s school nurse, Melody Harris. Nurse Melody and the FREE team members work diligently each year to plan events to encourage youth in their school to fight the influence of alcohol, drug, and tobacco use. The FREE team was excited about the success of the event and are already planning for next year’s Kick Butts Day.

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